paruspaper. nutzfeine papeterie

Our publishing house

We are passionate about producing environmentally friendly stationery. Our high-quality products range from postcards, greeting cards, mini - greeting cards, note- and sketchbooks, postcard sets to calendars. Each production is personally fine-tuned in the print shop. At paruspaper, it is our constant goal to invent new and even more beautiful paper products.

We are united by a love for creativity and an openness to innovative perspectives as well as a surprising visual language. Functional design on the one hand and high artistic value on the other are especially important to us. In the past, we often failed searching for appealing ecological stationery in the retail sector and it is our mission to change this.

The blue tit (parus caeruleus) represents our closeness to nature. It symbolizes joie de vivre and strength. In many mythologies, the delicate and cunning bird is worshipped as a curious good luck charm. parus is our synonym for happiness, humour, contentment, authenticity, truth, and fearlessness.

Our designs

We are very pleased to offer you four different collections.

First and foremost we have our popular nature motifs, photographed exclusively by Heilke Heller. Discover our unique floral imagery on postcards and greeting cards, mini - greeting cards, note- and sketchbooks, postcard sets as well as calendars. A large selection of maritime motifs in the “Meeresrauschen (Sound of the Sea)” collection complements our constantly growing and seasonally varied range.

We are particularly pleased about the cooperation with the Berlin photo archive ullstein bild, which has a fantastic historical stock of images. We have the opportunity to make almost 100-year-old photo treasures accessible to a larger audience and thus also to fascinate younger generations for times long past. The edition "The Roaring Twenties" is available exclusively at paruspaper. Look forward to postcards, postcard sets and calendars.

Our youngest collection "Illustration" offers a variety of post- and greeting cards by 11 wonderful illustrators. Our collaboration with the artists is very personal and, above all, exclusive. Each card becomes a small piece of art. This impression is consistently underlined by choosing a matt, watercolour-like, rough special natural cardboard with a high percentage of recycled fibres.

Use paruspaper cards as bookmarks or frame them and turn them into wonderful pieces of wall decoration. You will be surprised, they simply aren't "just" cards.

That's what we stand for: Innovative materials & processes

Our fine, individual stationery leaves a lasting impression. It is aesthetic and tasteful and demonstrates a sense of style. In addition, it has a high practical value. It is "nutzfein (useful and fine/delicate)".

We have been looking for suitable, certified and highest-quality fine papers for a long time. In order to be able to meet our requirements, the materials we use must have a fine, matt appearance, be easy to write on, be durable and have a positive environmental balance. Our greeting card packaging is made from renewable materials.

Why are our postcards slightly bigger than conventional ones? They offer more creative (writing) space and are wonderfully suitable as decorative objects.

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection

Anyone who consumes and buys consciously by for example choosing organic food and clothes as well as paying attention to the production method and origin of different products, no longer has to cut back on their stationery needs. Here at paruspaper, it is our corporate responsibility to support environmental protection, ethical guidelines and sustainability.

Everyone has the opportunity to take a few steps towards a healthier and more ecological way of life. For us this is not just zeitgeist?, it is our guiding principle. In our eyes, the first question we have to ask ourselves for every new project and product we develop, is its environmental compatibility. In this respect, we aim to be an exemplary publisher. Climate change, the growing waste problem and the extinction of species are just a few negative developments that urgently call for changes. We are interested in the ongoing optimization of all processes in resource conservation, waste avoidance and recycling and follow innovations closely.

Our sustainable demand also includes developing a range that is, to a certain degree, timeless.

Production & Sales: We work regionally and with social responsibility

We made the conscious decision to manufacture 100% in Germany. For us, that of course also means placing orders regionally. Production in Germany also guarantees the best possible quality through innovative processing based on the latest science, technology, and environmental protection.

The cooperation with a workshop for people with disabilities is particularly important to us and is also a great enrichment.

The basis of our corporate philosophy is an authentic, mindful,and sustainable way of living and working. The trustful cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers is our top priority.


Heilke Heller & Thomas Camps on behalf of the entire paruspaper-team