Our publishing house: paruspaper. nutzfeine papeterie

We are passionate about producing environmentally friendly stationery. Our high-quality products range from postcards, greeting cards, mini - greeting cards, note- and sketchbooks, postcard sets to calendars. Each production is personally fine-tuned in the printing house . At paruspaper, it is our constant goal to invent new and even more beautiful paper products.

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Heilke Heller - passionate photographer

At the age of seven Heilke Heller (born in 1979) was given her very first camera: a small, cheerful orange plastic device with a black and white film. Naturally, she went straight to the botanical garden. To this day, it is a place where the photographer finds inspiration for her images.

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Photo archive ullstein bild

For over a century, ullstein bild has been collecting, documenting, and preserving authentic photography. Through buying the Stahl und Assmann printing house in Zimmerstrasse as well as the newspaper Berliner Zeitung in Berlin, Leopold Ullstein founded the flourishing publishing house in 1877. His most successful titles are the "Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung" and the "Berliner Morgenpost".

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Our illustrators

Our "Illustration" collection already has a variety of about 700 post- and greeting card designs, with and without writing on the cover. Numerous wonderful illustrators are on board: Kerstin Ax, Bettina Beuttenmüller, Dörthe Brandt, Mina Braun, Inga Knopp-Kilpert, Anne Koch, Antje Therés Kral, Hanne Lund, Izabella Markiewicz, Jessica Nielsen, Maike Neuendorff, Katja Rahtjen, Xenia Schmidt, Analuz Sousa, Maritta Stolarow, Emily Claire Völker & Ruby Warnecke.

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